Eco Game

Liam, Owen and I are working on a Eco game together. At this moment it’s still in its testing, but we have a few ideas for our final product. In our game there are destruction cards, which are more naturally accruing disasters. With theses cards you can take away one or maybe two cards (they aren’t very powerful). Or skipping a players turns. There are also Helping Cards, with theses cards you can play more than one card, that turn. Or pick up an extra card when it’s your turn. Then there’s the human’s. You don’t get this card until you ┬áhave you entire Eco system. When you get a human, you pick a card, which will tell you what specific type of career that human has. We are still working out the different types of humans. The point of the game is to whip out the other peoples Eco systems. So far the tests games have gone good, we are just missing a few cards to help the game move more smoothly.

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