Could I be friends with the protagonist in my novel?

I believe I could be friends with the men in Canadian armed forces, because I believe everything they believed in.

The men who went over seas were wanting adventure, they wanted to stop the “bad guys” and have a great story with it. Looking for that adventure is exactly what I like, but the men who went overseas didn’t think that they wouldn’t come back to tell that story to their family. Leaving home, with your friends, going overseas and thinking that you are going to come back with this great story sounds awesome. I`d love to do that! But the men and women who went over there did not know what they were up against.

Those men who fought did what they thought what was right, they knew they had to stop the enemy from taking over the world. We are stronger when standing beside, friends, men we can trust and family. Fighting beside each other they felt that power together. Those men had great dedication to our country. This dedication made made us who we are now.

Knowing now what those men did, in the safety of my home, I find it amazing. The sacrifices they did for their country and around the world it can’t be beat. Hole familles names, towns, were wiped out because they were needed and called overseas. Being friends with those men who went down in history would be great. Even though those men probably didn’t think of it when they were together. They still knew they were doing the right thing. These men and women felt that they had a duty to us, to keep this our land, to keep our nation safe. I think it would be an honor to be friends with these men.