The Manifesto

In class we have created our schools manifesto. But there is one question that hasn’t been answered. The question is, should video games be completely banned during school hours (except lunch). This means, from 9am-11:45am and from 12:45pm-3pm you are not allowed to play or have any type of video game open (exception: school based video games). I agree that we should close all video games during class time because, it not only distracts the user, but also the people around them. If none school based video games are played during the school year, that student could possibly fall behind in course work and not be able to finished that course in time. I think you should not be allowed to play none school based games during school hours.

My Friday

Today, was just another great Friday. It started off waiting in the classroom on my phone listening to some tunes. Then once class was started I was asked to work in the Commons on whatever my heart desired. I chose math because I wanted to finish the section I was working on. I worked  on my booklet as well as I did a online quiz. Around 10:30 everyone was asked to go into the classroom to make our manifesto. So far, our manifesto consists of what we value in our school. Once lunch came around, I walked back home to go eat lunch. After finishing I walked back to school, to find everyone already back and I to be late. That brings me to where I am now, sitting in the Commons writing on my blog. After this I will be working on math again. But after school, that is when my Friday really begins.